Power of the Scale

I've been thinking a lot recently how much power the scale holds over me. I don't want to make a generalization, but it seems to be this way for most woman, no matter what age, size, race, etc. The only way I can think of describing the feeling is in a metaphor. Weight and that … Continue reading Power of the Scale

My Summer Essentials

With summer approaching, so does a different routine. Bye-bye to heavy sweaters, boots, hot coffee, or needing to convince myself to brace for the cold weather. Hello to sun, the beach, shorts, tan skin and yummy drinks! I don't have any crazy out-of-this-world trips this summer, I really like to hang back and explore New … Continue reading My Summer Essentials


One of the most important aspects of my life is my friendships and connections, but it can be hard to make new connections. See my experiences when expanding my friendship circle, reconnecting with friends from the past, and strengthening my current relationships.