HAPPY MONDAY! Before we jump into the questions, want to give a huge thank you to Jamie from Don't Give A Jam for tagging me! I've been loving her blog. Ordered the Glossier boy brow because of the recommendation in her Monthly Favs. RULES: Thank the person(s) who nominated you & link to their blog Answer … Continue reading SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD

20 Go-To Sick Day Movies

Lawd have mercy everyone is getting SICK. The office is filled with sniffles & coughs, I even received an urgent text from my mom yesterday reading 'FLU EPIDEMIC.' I've never used so much Lysol, Clorox, and hand sanitizer in my life. Ain't NOBODY got time for that. Sick season makes me think of two things: … Continue reading 20 Go-To Sick Day Movies

Self-Love Sunday Routine

Arn't Sundays just the best? No matter where we are, our religious beliefs, political views, I think we can all agree the best Sundays are spent resting, rejuvenation, preparation, and reflection. It's the day to tell ourselves: “I am enough, I do enough, let me shut down for a few hours and do something to … Continue reading Self-Love Sunday Routine