HAPPY MONDAY! Before we jump into the questions, want to give a huge thank you to Jamie from Don't Give A Jam for tagging me! I've been loving her blog. Ordered the Glossier boy brow because of the recommendation in her Monthly Favs. RULES: Thank the person(s) who nominated you & link to their blog Answer … Continue reading SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD


I was never a podcast junkie, but guys I'm now OBSESSED. My commutes to work, time on the stair master, Sunday meal preps, and walks in Central Park have become so much more enjoyable since I've started listening. They're a great way to broaden your knowledge of almost any topic: business, advice, confidence, wellness, health, or … Continue reading MY FAVORITE: PODCASTS

Managing Work Stress

Many of us struggle with pretty demanding schedules. Stress, information overload, and juggling responsibilities is more common than ever. Our bodies express stress in different ways: tension, neck or lower back pain, headaches, dizziness, digestive issues, and numbness are some examples. As I wrote in my post about Self-Care, ongoing stress can be damaging to our … Continue reading Managing Work Stress

20 Go-To Sick Day Movies

Lawd have mercy everyone is getting SICK. The office is filled with sniffles & coughs, I even received an urgent text from my mom yesterday reading 'FLU EPIDEMIC.' I've never used so much Lysol, Clorox, and hand sanitizer in my life. Ain't NOBODY got time for that. Sick season makes me think of two things: … Continue reading 20 Go-To Sick Day Movies


Goodbye November: To be completely honest I'm relieved November is over. I had extreme highs and lows this month. Certain days I felt great, everything was going my way, and other days I felt competently defeated. I feel like I should be straightforward and honest about this, I haven't been mindful or utilizing basically any … Continue reading HELLO DECEMBER: MONTHLY REFLECTIONS & INTENTIONS + WHY I’VE BEEN MIA