Goodbye New Year’s Resolutions & Hello Word of the Year!

I was on the subway this morning, and the two women next to me were talking about their New Year’s resolutions. I’m not the traditional New Year’s resolution fan, partially because I brainwashed myself for YEARS that “this upcoming year would be my time to lose weight, get fit, and drink more water.” Instead of motivating, these because guilt-ridden, shameful, and embarrassing resolutions when I didn’t accomplish them.

Last year, I read Daring To Live Fully’s “10 Alternatives to New Year’s Resolutions.” Number six on the list stood out at me: Decide on One-Word for the Year.

How awesome is that?! And she limited it to one word because it holds clarity and focus.

My word going into 2017 was AWARENESS. Awareness of my stress levels, what makes me smile, who I’m attracted too, frequent negative self-talk, unconscious judgments, and what made me feel good.


My word going into 2018 is JUMP. I don’t want to be afraid of taking risks anymore. I want to JUMP into life. Every time I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and opened myself up to new challenges, I’ve grown and felt accomplished.

What’s the absolute worst thing that could (realistically) happen? I fail? Get heartbroken? Have to feel uncomfortable feelings? That’s life right?

I feel as though I’ll be stepping into some of the biggest rewards of my twenties. I am ready for 2018 to be my year of giving it my all, thinking positively, and working towards the best.

What’s your word of 2018? Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • LOVE

I wish you guys never ending dreams and a furious desire to achieve some of them. Go into this new year and every day and deciding which dream, smallest or biggest, to pursue.


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