Goodbye November: To be completely honest I'm relieved November is over. I had extreme highs and lows this month. Certain days I felt great, everything was going my way, and other days I felt competently defeated. I feel like I should be straightforward and honest about this, I haven't been mindful or utilizing basically any … Continue reading HELLO DECEMBER: MONTHLY REFLECTIONS & INTENTIONS + WHY I’VE BEEN MIA

Holiday Stress Relief & Returning to the Present Moment

Thanksgiving and Holiday Season kickoff is officially upon us! For me, holiday excitement goes hand-in-hand with stress. Hosting, planning, budgeting, staying accountable, accommodating people, family drama, traveling, expectations, and the list goes on. Did you know too much stress can cause our bodies physical harm? When our bodies experiences stress, a surge of hormones is … Continue reading Holiday Stress Relief & Returning to the Present Moment

Self-Love Sunday Routine

Arn't Sundays just the best? No matter where we are, our religious beliefs, political views, I think we can all agree the best Sundays are spent resting, rejuvenation, preparation, and reflection. It's the day to tell ourselves: “I am enough, I do enough, let me shut down for a few hours and do something to … Continue reading Self-Love Sunday Routine

Unconsciously Judgmental

There are thousands of thoughts that zoom through our brains daily. Decisions, ideas, rationalizing, emotions, and judgements.  This is the first time I was hyper-aware of the judgements to myself and others.


There's a very good reason why I've been MIA the past week, and that's because I've been in ARUBA (AY! AY! AY!) It was a blast, and I'm definitely struggling right now getting back into the real life routine. While some would say this is the quintessential couples destination, I went with my BESTEST friend and … Continue reading TRAVEL CHRONICLES: ARUBA

Life Lessons from a Guru

I've recently become obsessed with watching Marie Forleo's YouTube channel where she talks to gurus, leaders, and experts about a range of topics; usually in the realm of health, bettering yourself, mental health. Today I was watching Tony Robbin's episode and he talked so many delicious topics. I just scribbled down notes, quotes, and ideas the … Continue reading Life Lessons from a Guru

Recipe: Morning Smoothie

Anyone else have hectic morning schedules like me? In my old position at work, I had time in the mornings to mindfully make my breakfast: a greek yogurt parfait, oatmeal, etc. These days, the moment I get into the office it's GO TIME with meetings, questions from co-workers, etc. Recently, I've started prepping smoothies in the … Continue reading Recipe: Morning Smoothie

Trader Joe’s Essentials

  If there's one thing we can all agree on it's that Trader Joe's is one of the happiest places on earth (stealing Disney's tagline, not even mad about it). If you don't believe me, you obviously haven't been there or you were cranky that day because they have the BEST customer service, high quality … Continue reading Trader Joe’s Essentials