Here comes the sun (doo doo doo doo), and just like that we're back to another Monday! This weekend was great, largely in part that the sunshine is back and (hopefully) here to stay.I celebrated every bit of this blissful weather - walks, laying in the park, under the sun cocktails, and even watching Netflix outside. Plus, … Continue reading WEEKEND MUSINGS


It’s official. The Perfectionism Monster has crept into my head. He brought his luggage, unpacked, and getting too cozy spreading his infectious hyper-focus on perfection and failure. Throughout recovery, perfectionism has been a constant struggle for me. I struggle relentlessly with black & white thinking patterns:  I won't be good enough to maintain a healthy … Continue reading PERFECTIONISM & GIVING PERMISSION TO FAIL


I was never a podcast junkie, but guys I'm now OBSESSED. My commutes to work, time on the stair master, Sunday meal preps, and walks in Central Park have become so much more enjoyable since I've started listening. They're a great way to broaden your knowledge of almost any topic: business, advice, confidence, wellness, health, or … Continue reading MY FAVORITE: PODCASTS


Many of us struggle with pretty demanding schedules. Stress, information overload, and juggling responsibilities is more common than ever. Our bodies express stress in different ways: tension, neck or lower back pain, headaches, dizziness, digestive issues, and numbness are some examples. As I wrote in my post about Self-Care, ongoing stress can be damaging to our … Continue reading MANAGING WORK STRESS


Goodbye 2017: WE MADE IT! 2017 was an interesting year for me. My word of 2017 was AWARENESS; awareness of my stress levels, true happiness, qualities I’m attracted too, amount of negative self-talk, unconscious judgments, etc. Read more about ditching Resolutions & instead choosing a Word Of The Year here. 2017 REFLECTIONS & LEARNINGS: Lifestyle: I learned … Continue reading HELLO 2018: 2017 REFLECTIONS & INTENTIONS

Planning for Success: Triggers, Pressure & Holiday Craziness

We are officially in the mist of the holiday craziness. Instead of the letting the stress takeover, I’m using this time to get my mindset rock solid. Being in recovery means having more freedom, and freedom comes with a lot of responsibility. What’s coming up this weekend for you? Parties? Work potlucks? Happy Hours? My … Continue reading Planning for Success: Triggers, Pressure & Holiday Craziness

The Resilient City: Manhattan & Reacting to Current Events

I was planning to write a lighthearted post today about the uniqueness of spending the holidays in New York City. The snowy trees, sidewalks lined with pre-cut Christmas trees, window decorations, and lines of wreath dressed doorways. Instead, during rush hour this morning, a man attempted to set up a pipe bomb in Port Authority … Continue reading The Resilient City: Manhattan & Reacting to Current Events